Four Seasons Regent Residences

Story: Luxuriously private, elegantly individual, beautifully secure... these are just some of the terms used to describe the Four Seasons Regent Residences. One of the most prestigious residential projects in recent years, the structures are located in the heart of Jakarta's Golden Triangle.

Air conditioning units were installed ensuring noise levels were kept to a minimum while retaining easy service access without disturbing the apartments themselves.

Both Project Manager, Mr Helmut Scheiber and Project Engineer, Mr Graham Gething were very pleased with the performance of the temperzone units installed.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Units: Over 9000 WCS units, over 85 HWP & CWP units, and about 24 ISD/ OSA split systems

Designer: RTKL International

Developer: PT Dewata Wibawa

Consultant: PT Metacom

More than 60 years of Temperature Control

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