News Issue 1-2018


Temperzone Delivers More Than Just Great Products

For Temperzone, looking after clients is about more than providing high quality units, which we do very well. It’s also about delivering what the customer needs on a range of levels. The following project is a perfect example of Temperzone using its skill, understanding and resources, to get a client out of a very hot situation quickly. This story is about customer focus not the product.

Recently Temperzone worked hand in hand with the team from the AC1 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration in Brisbane to get a customer out of a sticky situation. AC1's client runs a very large scale printing press that is housed in a huge open span warehouse. As you can imagine, the building is full of equipment that is throwing out a lot of heat. When the unit responsible for cooling the entire interior was accidently damaged, they need a quick solution.

Quality Units

The unit that needed to be replaced was an older Temperzone unit. And because they had always been more than happy with its performance over the years, there was no need to go anywhere else for the replacement. One call to Brisbane State Manager Shane McBride was all it took to get the ball rolling.

Skill, Understanding and Resources to Back up Their Products

As soon as he received the call, Shane understood exactly what the situation was and what needed to be done to provide a solution for the client. This understanding comes from years of experience in the industry and an in-depth understanding of their own products, which all the State Managers and Sales Reps can provide.

Local Manufacturing and Comprehensive Delivery Network

Replacing an old, superseded model may have presented some issues for some companies, but not for Temperzone. Because they are a local manufacturer with a delivery network that covers all of Australia and New Zealand, it wasn’t a problem at all. One call from Shane to the factory in Sydney and the new 66kW split ducted unit (which Temperzone carries in stock) was on its way North.

Strong Relationships with Quality Contractors

Quality units need to be installed and commissioned by quality contractors, which is where the AC1 Group comes into the story. Over the years Shane McBride and Brad Bohan, Director of AC1 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, have worked on numerous projects together and Shane knew they had the skills to handle the project easily. The team from AC1 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration needed to make a range of modifications to hook it all up properly including new electricals, drains and attach it to the exposed ductwork in place before commissioning the unit. This was after they hoisted the unit up onto brackets several metres off the ground. As Brad said, “we made a range of adjustments to make it all work perfectly, it’s what we do.”

And the time taken to go through this entire process? Remember, the unit had to be delivered to Brisbane from Sydney….Less than 3 days! Talk about delivering what the customer needs on a range of levels from quality units to skills and understanding those units, from local manufacture and comprehensive delivery network to strong relationships with quality contractors.

Issue Content

Kota Kasablanka 3 - Jakarta, ID

The Temperzone Singapore office has recently played a key role on the latest phase of the Kota Kasablanka development in Jakarta, Indonesia. Kota Kasablanka is an 11.5 hectares mixed-development, which consists of an office tower, serviced office suites, shopping centre, convention hall and condominium towers.


The latest WiFi offerings from Temperzone include the trade focused, WiFi Service Utility (WSU) for all Temperzone equipment with UC6, UC7 and UC8 control boards, and the consumer focused Hi-Kumo WiFi and internet control for Hitachi Wall Splits.

Locked and Loaded

A heat wave like we have had in the last few weeks, can have you struggling to find Hi Wall Split stock to keep up with the orders.

Don’t miss out, when the market is as hot as the weather.

Controller How To

Temperzone has always produced comprehensive manuals for its equipment including controllers. Five recently produced "How To" videos complement the printed instruction manuals. The videos in this article deal with installation and configuration of TZT-100 and SAT-3 contollers with Temperzone Ducted and Rooftop Package units.

New Chiller Range

Temperzone is proud to introduce the New AH2 Modular Chiller Range from HITACHI.
AH2 Chillers have a capacity range for both Heat Pump and Cooling Only from 160kW to 1800kw. The range is available in five water temperature configurations including two low temperature brine options.