Two Quality Brands,
One Perfect Solution

New Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hobart CBD

250 X Temperzone IMDL Chilled Water Fan Coil units
8 X Hitachi Samurai Modular Chillers

4/5 Star Hotel

Low Height fan coil units and small footprint modular chillers produced the ideal solution where space was limited

Hobart’s first Crowne Plaza hotel will enjoy the benefits of combining Hitachi Chillers with Temperzone’s IMDL fan coil units to provide a unique solution to their cooling and heating requirements. The project consists of 8 Hitachi Chillers located on the roof which are connected to 250 IMDls, one in each of the guest rooms spanning 5 floors, as well as the common areas.

The Hitachi Chiller’s small footprints were just one of the reasons Nicholas Stolp, Associate and Senior Mechanical Engineer from JMG Engineers and Planners thought they were perfect for the project. The other reason was that the Hitachi Modular Chillers couple well and run in series. JMG has completed several projects with Hitachi Chillers in the past and understands that they are a quality brand that performs well in Tasmanian conditions

By combining the two brands, Temperzone is able to offer a unique, quality solution. The IMDL fan coil units are ideal for hotel rooms and any application where space is at a premium. Their low profile means they can fit well into tight spaces.

The Crown Plaza is being built on top of the Myer building and will include with its 5 levels of rooms, 231 guest rooms, conference facilities and a sky bar on the top level which will offer stunning views of the city. After being almost demolished by a fire in 2007 and then a flood in 2016, the iconic Myer building with the Crowne on top is proof of its resilience and determination

Hitachi Samurai Modular Chiller

Hitachi Modular Samurai Chillers

BMS Connectable

Ideal for Hotels

Temperzone IMDL Chilled Water Fan Coil Units

Temperzone low height chilled water fan coils

BMS connectable

Ideal for hotels

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New Chiller Range

Temperzone is proud to introduce the New AH2 Modular Chiller Range from HITACHI.
AH2 Chillers have a capacity range for both Heat Pump and Cooling Only from 160kW to 1800kw. The range is available in five water temperature configurations including two low temperature brine options.

2 Delicious Low Temperature Chiller Applications

In recent issues of Temperzone News we have seen numerous examples of the flexibility and versatility of modular Hitachi Chillers. Recently, the South Australian Office was involved with 2 new applications of Hitachi Chillers both manufactured to be capable of Brine -10c leaving.