Temperzone ECONEX Delivers an Innovative Solution for a Really Big Building

Temperzone recently supplied ECONEX R32 Rooftop Package Units to a half billion dollar automated warehouse project in Redbank Queensland.

Everything about this project is gigantic. The building footprint is 6.6 hectares (66,000 square metres) and it is 34 metres high, which is about the height of a 10 story building. When finished, it will be the largest dry goods warehouse in Australia. The concept is very high tech, with state of the art automation of the warehouse process itself.

From an air conditioning perspective, there were some significant challenges mainly related to the sheer size of the structure. The huge building volume requires huge airflow.

While the extreme building size meant that cranes could not reach the centre area of the roof. The central rooftop package units would have to be placed by helicopter.

Temperzone was faced with a problem – The existing OPA 2100 Eco Ultra units would easily handle the airflow and capacity requirements but were too heavy to lift by helicopter!

The solution was to recommend a custom version of Temperzone’s innovative ECONEX R32 Inverter rooftop package units. The engineering team were able to create custom units that met all the required specifications with a reduced weight of 20% compared to the standard 200kW R410A model.

The refrigerant charge on the units was also reduced by 15% compared to the standard 200kW R410A model which is not only a reduction in refrigerant volume but also a large reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP) per Kw cooling.

The units are integrated into the BMS but also monitored by Temperzone to ensure the units are running at their optimum performance and can diagnose any issues quickly.

Temperzone started to release ECONEX products in mid 2020. Temperzone’s ECONEX products are designed to maximise the efficiency benefits of both R32 refrigerant and inverter compressors. R32 has a approximately one third the GWP of R410A. Many companies are expressing a preference for R32 refrigerant, if it is available, as part of their Global Warming reduction targets.

ECONEX products also offer the additional cost benefit of simply requiring less total refrigerant than equivalent R410A units. The project was made up of 25 x OPA 1770 (177kW) ECONEX Rooftop Package units and 9 x OPA 1370 (137kW) rooftop package units. Each unit has 4 x R32 inverter compressors and carel controls.

Most importantly, the Temperzone ECONEX units were able to meet the capacity and airflow requirements and stay under the weight limit required for the helicopter lift.

All units were manufactured at Temperzone’s Sydney factory.

ECONEX OPA units leaving Temperzone's Sydney factory, bound for Brisbane.

Higher efficiency and Lower GWP

Inverter Compressors

BMS Connectivity

EC Plug Fans

Temperzone will be releasing more technical information on ECONEX R32 Rooftop Package units in early 2021. Watch this Space!


Leading the Way in R32 Commercial Products

There is a significant shift taking place in the Air Conditioning market and local manufacturer, Temperzone, is leading the way. In commercial air conditioning, Temperzone has led the innovation towards more environmentally friendly refrigerants, firstly from R22 to R410A, and now from R410A to R32. The shift to R32 provides lower Global Warming Potential and higher efficiency

Temperzone’s R32 Commercial Products Making Inroads in New Zealand

New World, a supermarket chain under Foodstuffs Co-operatives in New Zealand, recently opened a new store in Hobsonville, a rural suburb of Auckland. New World is committed to sustainability and doing their part to reduce their operational carbon emissions. The stores are 100% New Zealand owned and operated and have a very strong focus on local products. So, it is fitting that the OPA 2100 unit that was installed not only uses R32 refrigerant but was also the first of its model to be made in the Auckland factory. The system was installed by McAlpine Hussmann.

Internet is King in the Outback

The Temperzone VPA unit is specially designed to survive in the high ambient temperatures of the Pilbara region. The ability to connect Temperzone Vertical Package Units (VPA) to monitoring systems was a critical element in Sodexo choosing Temperzone equipment.

The Multi-Award Winning Temperzone OPA2100 Eco Ultra is now the AIRAH 2020 Product of the Year

Temperzone’s OPA2100 Eco Ultra recently won the prestigious 2020 AIRAH “Product of the Year” Award. The award recognises excellence in product manufacture, with products assessed on their innovation, energy efficiency, sustainability, originality and industry need.


Temperzone has started releasing its next generation R32 – Inverter compressor product under the ECONEX brand.

Just as Temperzone led the industry with the adoption of R410a in commercial air conditioning systems, we are again leading with R32.


The Warriewood Cinemas replacement project in April 2020 had some slightly unusual application issues. A little lateral thinking, a great product range and the ability to manufacture locally in the middle of a pandemic, produced a successful solution.

OPA ECO Series

Temperzone’s ECO Series of Rooftop Package Units continues to evolve as some of the most energy efficient air conditioning units in the market. With unit capacities ranging from 11.6kW to 193kW Temperzone Eco Rooftop Package Units are used in a huge range of applications from shopping centres to food manufacturing plants to pubs and clubs, schools and office buildings.


Temperzone’s OPA2100 ECO ULTRA has been awarded the CIBSE Highly Commended award for the Product or Innovation of the Year - Thermal Comfort category. The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) Building Performance Awards recognise the people, products and projects that demonstrate engineering excellence in the built environment. The awards are open to organisations, both in the UK and internationally


The best way to describe this unusual project is 'Super flexible and controllable'. Temperzone OPA-ECO units meet very clever Modbus programming and solves an almost impossible air conditioning problem. And, oh yes, fit the budget too!

Introducing the New OPA 2100 ECO Ultra Rooftop Package Unit

The new OPA 2100 ECO Ultra rooftop package unit is the flagship of Temperzone’s new ECO Ultra range. It’s a 200 kW rooftop package unit with 4 inverter compressors plus a patented humidity control system that makes this unit absolutely unique. Eco ULTRA is a revolutionary climate control solution for spaces where temperature and humidity regulation is critical.

Accolade Winery

The Accolade story starts with famous Australian wine producer Hardys Wines in South Australia and now includes well known Australian labels like Grant Burge, Banrock Station, Berri Estates, Tatachilla, St Halletts and Houghtons