Climate touch Coming Soon

The latest local control technology innovation by Temperzone is the Climate touch. Developed specifically to suit the needs of commercial applications, the Climate touch delivers a genuine mix of functionality and visual appeal. The Climate touch was designed to create an easy to navigate user interface. A great example of this is the ability to create schedules by simply touch and dragging the screen in the schedule event creation mode. Due to be released in 2021, the Climate touch is compatible with air cooled package and air cooled split ducted systems with UC8 controllers. This includes the new ECONEX inverter R32 ducted split range and the OPA 465–960 units.

The large 8" colour touchscreen is both easy to read and set-up, with on board help screens available if needed. Installation is a breeze with the magnetic mounting plate. The Climate touch provides a 7 day programmable Weekly Schedule that includes multiple start/stop sessions per day. While the Special Event option provides the ability to schedule one-off events. And the override function enables user to override the programmed times for immediate operation of the air conditioner (ie after hours use). In addition, the non-volatile memory retains the control data and user programs.

The Climate touch provides cool, heat, auto, advanced auto, fan only and dry modes functions as well as auto, high, medium and low fan speed options. The eco mode offers improved economy operation while the quiet mode is also available.

Temperature setting range from 16°C to 30°C, in 0.5°C steps, which is configurable by the installer. The room temperature and target temperature (setpoint) are both displayed in 0.5°C steps.

The Climate touch offers three user levels for the end user, administrator and technician and includes a diagnostics screen for technician assistance and a handy service company contact details screen, which is editable. There is also an adjustable deadband range of 0.5°C to 2°C.

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Controller How To

Temperzone has always produced comprehensive manuals for its equipment including controllers. Five recently produced "How To" videos complement the printed instruction manuals. The videos in this article deal with installation and configuration of TZT-100 and SAT-3 contollers with Temperzone Ducted and Rooftop Package units.