Controllers “How To” Videos make life easier for both Installers and Consumers!

Temperzone has always produced comprehensive manuals for its equipment including controllers. In recent times we have been complementing the printed instruction manuals with “How To” videos.

Controller systems are notorious for being problematic for both installers and end users. By adding these easily accessible videos to the available manuals, Temperzone is ensuring it is both Installer Friendly and Consumer Friendly.

Five recently produced videos can be seen below covering connecting a TZT-100 or SAT-3 controller to a Split Ducted system or a Rooftop Package unit with UC8 control board.

1. Installer focussed how to install a TZT-100 to a Rooftop Package unit.



2. Installer focussed how to install a TZT-100 to a Split Ducted system.



3. Installer focussed how to program a TZT-100 controller.



4. Installer focussed how to connect a SAT-3 controller to a Temperzone Split Ducted unit.




5. A Consumer focussed introduction to the SAT-3 controller.




The great value of these videos is that they are all accessible via the Temperzone YouTube channel. This means that both videos are instantly available on devices like smart phones or tablets. Its a way of giving you technical service information anywhere, an anytime.

It is all part of making Temperzone a Brand that’s easy to do business with.