Training Tomorrow’s Air Conditioning Technicians Today

Temperzone understands the importance of not only planning for the futures but also actively working to create a better tomorrow. With this in mind, Temperzone has recently partnered with Ultimo TAFE in Sydney on a number of exciting projects. News will bring you more information on others in the coming months, but first we’ll take a look at the testing lab.

Ultimo TAFE, the largest TAFE college in NSW offering over 700 courses, has built a fit for purpose Air-Conditioning testing lab on campus. TAFE’s across the nation play a critical role in by providing relevant and important training to students. The Testing Lab was designed to give students hands on training on a range of products including both Temperzone ducted and Hitachi Highwalls equipment which have been installed there to ensure students receive the proper grounding in our products.

The Air-Conditioning testing lab also offers a range of student centred learning activities such as piping configuration, volume flow rate measurement and installation consideration.

It is aimed towards a number of courses, providing invaluable, hands-on active learning to a wide range of students:

MEM20105 Certificate II in Engineering (Meets the requirements for ARC-Tick Restricted Refrigerant Handling Licence):

  • Cohort in the course are active participants in the Air-Conditioning industry who have no formal qualification and are looking at a pathway into the industry.
  • Pathway for other trades such as Electrical trades students who are active in the industry.
  • Skilled migrants who are active in the industry and are seeking formal recognition.
  • The qualification allows candidates to work under supervision on Air-Conditioning and heat pump systems up to 18kilowatts.

UEE32211 Certificate III in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (Apprentices and Fast-track students)

  • Apprentices and Fast track students use the training facility to perform a range of task such as air measurements, design and installation.
  • It also provides an insight into details on system schematics and layouts.
  • It helps students with their air-conditioning assignment.
  • Basic Heat-Load calculation and equipment selection.

UEE51111 Diploma of Engineering Technology in Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

  • Preform system analysis such as pressure enthalpy processes and psychometric analysis to determine the conditions of air.
  • Compare advanced heat-load calculations and cross- reference with data from manufactures.

Temperzone and TAFE, working together to create a stronger future for the entire industry.