Olympic Success

temperzone sponsored sailor Tom Ashley, from Auckland wins the title of RS:X Mens Windsurfing Olympic GOLD medalist in Beijing.

temperzone congratulates

Tom Ashley

RS:X Mens Windsurfer Olympic GOLD medalist 

at the  Beijing Olympics 2008.

temperzone has been sponsoring Tom for the last 8 years.

His previous success at the recent World Championship in January was an indication of how good his form was going into the Olympics.

Tom had this to say after the Olympic Mens RS:X event, "I've done it! It's the most incredible feeling and I can't begin to tell you how I feel right now."

"I've been working toward his for many years. It was an insanely tough medal race."

"The weather had a little bit of everything. I tried to sail as consistently as I could."

(Yachting New Zealand)

temperzone is extremely proud of New Zealand's new Olympic Champion.

It was temperzone's founder, Eric Kendall, himself a keen windsurfer who identified Tom as someone having potential to gain success at the highest level. temperzone supported Tom only after Eric had researched Tom's committment and raw talent – something that was obvious to a keen observer, even at that time.

Current temperzone CEO, Les Kendall, says "the sponsorship between Tom Ashley and temperzone has been the perfect model of how sponsorship should work. Tom has at every point of his career taken the opportunity to recognise his sponsor where appropriate. temperzone in kind has supported him with resources to enable him to focus on training."

"Tom has become a New Zealand's hero and temperzone has enjoyed going along on the same journey with him."

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