Temperzone Pool Heat Pumps

Temperzone’s new range of pool heat pump water heaters are designed for residential and commercial pools. MAGNUS MWP units have a highly corrosion resistant design which ensures durable long-life operation. These highly efficient multi-pass systems incorporate titanium heat-exchangers making them suitable for use with chlorinated and saltwater pools. 

The Temperzone MWP range includes nominal heating capacities from 27kW to 44kW.


Pool Heating Technology

Gas heating has traditionally been the most common form of pool heating. These have represented a lower initial capital outlay but an overall much higher running cost than a heat pump water heater. The most significant obstacle to installing a new gas heater is the current phasing out of fossil fuels and the move to decarbonise our economy.

Heat pump water heaters represent the best option for pool heating. Heat Pumps have a higher initial capital outlay; however, the lifetime cost of ownership is significantly lower due to the high energy efficiency of the these systems. Heat pumps operate completely on renewable energy and unlike gas have nearly no carbon emissions.

Heat pump water heaters are the most efficient way to heat a pool. Temperzone pool heaters can turn one unit of input power into as much as 6 units of output power. The 600%* efficiency compares well with 100% for electric resistance heaters, and 70-90% for gas systems. The very low cost of operation means MAGNUS heat pump systems are the most cost-effective option for your pool. (* conditions: 27/20°C db/wb outdoor ambient; EWT 27°C; LWT 30°C.)


The MAGNUS Advantages

Durable Corrosion Resistant Design

Temperzone’s has a long established reputation for quality and durability with a focus on long life commercial grade systems. You can be assured that MAGNUS will stand the test of time in the harshest of conditions. 

Units feature highly corrosion resistant Titanium ThermoShell® heat-exchangers for chlorinated and salt water. Titanium ThermoShells are non-fouling for minimal maintenance.

They offer advanced corrosion protection with advanced polyester powder coating treatment (IP 45), inside and out, and with a High Marine/Industrial pre-treatment coating. Units feature a durable polyester powder coated free draining base, preventing water and ice accumulation inside the unit.

Highly corrosion resistant epoxy coated coils are standard for long life performance. MAGNUS MWP units also feature louvre guards to protect the coils from potential UV damage.


Operates Down to -10°C Ambient 

Designed for the harshest conditions, MAGNUS Pool heat pumps feature electronic expansion valves (EEV) which enable these units to operate in ambient temperatures down to -10°C and ensure efficient heating, whatever the weather.

New intelligent de-ice enables improved heating performance in colder conditions. Optimised coil circuitry and new unit controller logic has resulted in faster and more effective de-ice.


Energy Saving Technology

A unique electronic expansion valve control system ensures maximised energy savings during the shoulder seasons – periods in which systems often run at part-load. Pressure transducers allow for precision pressure monitoring and control.

Highly efficient digital compressors allow additional control of the refrigeration cycle to cope with extreme outdoor conditions and provide flexibility in pool temperature control options. The advanced unit controller combined with application specific design uniquely enables the compressor to constantly operate within its design limits improving unit life.

Pool Heat Pump Sizing and Temperzone’s MWP Selection Guide.

Before installing any pool heating, a heat load assessment of the pool should first be conducted by consulting with a qualified engineer. There is no simple ‘rule of thumb’ according to the size of the pool. The following additional factors must be considered before selecting a heat pump with appropriate performance to suit the nature and proposed usage of the pool.

  • Is the swim season summer fringe, off season or all year round?

  • What are the climatic conditions at the location of the pool installation? (Summer/Winter)

  • What water temperature is the pool to be maintained at whilst in use?

  • Is the pool in direct sunlight, predominantly shaded or indoors?

  • Is a pool thermal insulation cover to be used correctly while the pool is not in use?

  • If below ground, is it in an alluvial/gravel soil type?

An alternative consideration for selecting heat pump capacity is the heat-up time from cold. Pools have a huge thermal mass, so pool temperature does not change rapidly with the operation of the heat pump. A typically sized heat pump could take several days to elevate the pool temperature from cold to desired setting. If a pool is only used intermittently through the colder period, then a selection based on minimum heat-up time may be required for the heat pump capacity.

Within our MWP range application manual we have supplied a basic product selection guide. Designed to allow customers to select their own unit based on locations and some key assumptions. The minimum information you require to use our unit Selection Guide are: 

  • Your pool surface area.

  • A prediction of the usage of your pool.

  • Location.

Following your selection, you can check a number of other factors listed in the application manual that may alter this recommendation up-or-down a model.

To review your selection or for more information you can consult with a member of our Temperzone sales team.

View our MAGNUS Pool Heat Pump range.

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